The Beth Din and You/Rabbi Martin Rosenfeld

A Beth Din is a religious Court. Many people assume a Beth Din may only issue a Get and has no other function. This is not true. Many Beth Din organizations deal with commercial and family law disputes. A couple going through a divorce may submit all claims (except for custody of children) to the Beth Din for its ruling. In many cases, this ruling will have the authority of an arbitration decision, and will be enforced by the State in the event of non-compliance.
What should a person consider before choosing to go to a Beth Din? It is quite proper to ask for names of parties who have been before the Beth Din and can relate their experiences to you. A woman going before a Beth Din will have certain feelings and observations as to her treatment. I would certainly advise women to try to get such information from such individuals. You may wish to ask your rabbi of his knowledge of the work of the Beth Din. You may wish to speak to the Beth Din administrator and ask your questions of him. Of course, you may contact CivilDivorce/Civil Get and we will try to ascertain the answers to your questions or concerns.
You do have some leeway as to the decision to attend a particular Beth Din or not. As with much of life, do your research, ask questions, and try to get opinions from those knowledgeable in the field. This will serve you well. The arbitration route is a wise one upon facing knotty marital issues. With the right choice, the Beth Din option may indeed serve you well if other more peaceful means are not available to you.


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I am a family attorney and mediator who believes that disputes can be resolved civilly and with dignity. I am a proponent of divorce mediation as a well to deal with the end of a marriage. I maintain websites at www.NJMediationWorks and
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