Divorce and Victimization/Rabbi Menachem Rosenfeld,J.D.

I recently saw a lecture title relative to feeling victimized by divorce. Victimization comes about when a person feels powerless to change their circumstances. The odds are stacked against them! What can I do? I do not feel that couples who sign on to mediation feel this way. While it might be true that only one party truly wants the divorce, mediation teaches that both parties can put their imprint on the process, and negotiation, of the divorce terms. Indeed, a party can utilize mediation to discuss their feelings about the divorce, their treatment during the marriage, the way they wish to be treated in the future, etc.

Life can, at times, leave us with a sense that we are powerless. In fact, at times we are so. Want to avoid that feeling in the course of your divorce? By choosing mediation over litigation, you are taking back the reins of your new life, post-divorce. And you will do it with dignity and not a sense of vindictiveness. Mediation works; mediate don’t litigate


About njmediator

I am a family attorney and mediator who believes that disputes can be resolved civilly and with dignity. I am a proponent of divorce mediation as a well to deal with the end of a marriage. I maintain websites at www.NJMediationWorks and www.CivilDivorceCivilGet.com.
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