A Book on Divorce/Rabbi Menachem Rosenfeld

I heard a radio program about a book and a documentary called “Divorce Corp”. The following is from their website. It may give some pause before they decide to litigate their divorce.

Joseph Sorge, director of the eye-opening documentary, Divorce Corp., now delivers a critical examination of the authoritarian culture underpinning the U.S. family court system and the collusive practices of its extended family of professionals. Relying on extensive research and interviews with the nation’s top divorce lawyers, mediators, judges, politicians, litigants and journalists, this expose reveals how and why children are torn from their homes, unlicensed custody evaluators extort money, and abusive judges play god with people’s lives while enriching their friends. Paradoxically, family law has become a growth industry, transferring over $50 billion a year from families in transition to a cadre of professionals, judges, and insiders, despite declines in both the marriage and divorce rates. Lawyers interviewed, such as Gloria Allred, say that one merely needs to “follow the money” to find out the reasons why people are being hurt and who is being helped by the system; and investors interviewed, such as Stacey Napp of Balanced Point Funding, reveal that some investment funds now essentially wager on the outcome of people’s divorce battles. Even Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife, Linda Bollea, claims that the battles have worn her down to the point of quitting, yet her lawyers continue to encourage her to keep Hulk in the ring. Written in an eminently conversational tone, as a collection of stories and interviews, this book makes one thing clear: everyone believes the system is broken. In search of a better way, interviews were conducted in another part of the world where divorce and the sharing of children, post-separation, are practiced in a more healthy and holistically manner.


  • Just as cancer patients must have informed consent before undergoing surgery or chemotherapy, anyone considering divorce should read Divorce Corp before hiring a lawyer. I will suggest Divorce Corp to my divorce clients and use it to teach divorce lawyers how to improve the quality of our legal services and increase empathy toward families going through the pain of divorce.”Forrest S. Mosten, Collaborative Attorney and Mediator, Certified Family Law Specialist, Board of Specialization, State Bar of California, Adjunct Professor of Law, UCLA
  • In the wake of the recession and foreclosure crisis, millions of families quietly suffered bankruptcy and financial reversals not because of bad loans, Wall Street, or big spending, but because they simply ended their marriages. Divorce Corp, the book, shines light on the quiet but deep financial pain that divorce creates for families, and reveals how poorly the family law system works to untangle these financial arrangements.”Professor Katherine Porter, University of California Irvine

About njmediator

I am a family attorney and mediator who believes that disputes can be resolved civilly and with dignity. I am a proponent of divorce mediation as a well to deal with the end of a marriage. I maintain websites at www.NJMediationWorks and www.CivilDivorceCivilGet.com.
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