About the Agunah Project

JPA is the acronym of a newly formed group called the Jewish Professionals Agunah Project. This group is affiliated with the organization known as Civil Divorce/Civil Get. (www.civildivorcecivilget.com) JPA was started by a group of therapists and divorce mediators, all of whom are members of the group, Nefesh International. The goal of the JPA is to provide services to those who fear they are heading to an Agunah situation in their marriages. The JPA Project is aimed at providing services proactively so that the Agunah status (Agunah refers to a woman or man whose spouse is not cooperating in the granting of a Get; i.e. a Jewish divorce) will not come about.

JPA offers positive interventions in the hopes that proper communication can allow for a peaceful resolution of marital relationships.

JPA is a resource for those who are facing the possibility of Agunah status.

The JPA mission statement is as follows:

JPA will:

-Act as a resource providing information and guidance on Agunah-related issues

-Facilitate discussion with the recalcitrant spouse in the hopes of resolving

the issues at hand

-Provide pro bono mediation service to the couple in an attempt to find

a solution to the immediate concerns

-Make referrals to mental health professionals who will provide a

session to the party(ies) at a reduced fee

-Make recommendations should a referral to an Agunah organization or

Beth Din be required

-Serve as a liasion with the aggrieved party while assistance is being

provided by communal agencies.

Additional information on “civil divorce” can be found at www.civildivorcecivilget.com or at the blogsite found at www.civildivorcecivilget.wordpress.com. You may use the contact form found at the “civil divorce” website to communicate with the JPA. In addition, you may contact Rabbi Martin Rosenfeld, Esq. at Rosenfeld@Juno.Com.


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